About Us

FabLab powered by Orange is an extraordinary place located in the heart of Warsaw (Twarda 14/16). It is an open place where you creativity could be fully unleashed. You will find here 3D printers, laser plotter, carpentry workshop, sewing workshop, and many, many more.

Our offer is addressed both to people who just want to learn something new and for Do-It-Yourself geeks.

This unique project is hosted by Orange Foundation and Robisz.to association.

What we can offer you

1. Take part in pre-registered classes. You can subscribe for a free workshop (donated by Orange Foundation) or paid classes. Feel free to call us: +48 789 218 279) or send an email: mail@fablabtwarda.pl and get further details.

2. Buy a subscription and get know all aspects of FabLab. We provide four offers: Tester (1-day subscription to get know basics of FabLab), Enthusiast (subscription for 30 hours), Handyman (subscription for 1 month) or Maker (subscription for 1 month). Have any question about them? Call us: +48 789 218 279 or send an email: mail@fablabtwarda.pl

3. Just visit us without any ticket and get a free tour through FabLab. Please note: If you have any idea that is connected with DIY and/or our FabLab you can call us: +48 789 218 279 or send an email: mail@fablabtwarda.pl and make an individual appointment.

Maker Woman

Joint project of Orange Foundation Robisz.to association which takes place in FabLab powered by Orange. Maker Woman is addressed to women entering or returning to the labor market.

The main goal of the project is to prevent social and technological exclusion of females through informal education in the field of new technologies and crafts.

During 3 training cycles, we provide full support to 36 female participants to create and execute their own ideas. For example, Magdalena Zaras (from the first edition of Maker Women) created an efficient hand prosthesis with a 3D printer thanks to our support.


ul. Twarda 14/16 

00-105 Warszawa





789 218 279

FabLab Twarda

Warszawa, ulica Twarda 14/16